Lotta Loves Magazine - Summer

Here it is! The Summer issue of Lotta Loves Magazine!

I had set a goal to make four issues of Lotta Loves Magazine. I wanted to learn the InDesign program and thought it would be more fun if I had a real project to work with. A long time ago I went to college and took a magazine layout course and have since then had a dream of making my own magazine.

I had a lot of unpublished material and estimated that it would be enough for about four issues. I decided to split up the editions in to the different seasons, so I had a theme for each release.

I’m not a writer so there are more pictures than words. I’ve been writing about things I love, like interior design, travel, art, food and much more.

I don’t know if there are going to be more issues of Lotta Loves Magazine. But it have been real fun and I’ve learned so much.

Hope you will enjoy the Lotta Loves Summer!