A heart in every piece

I’ve just discovered this stunning artist Aida Coronado from Mexico. She makes the most beautiful clothes and accessories! I really really would love to have at least one of her creations! Maybe some day… Here are how she describes her creations: ”This stunning collection is about a Bohemian, Magic and Creative life. An unique, laid back, fashionable, gorgeous and stunning life, it is based on handcrafted details from a traditional vintage flokish chic lifestyle.”

Visit her Etsy shop, blog or Aida Coronado Store

"This collections is dedicated to:
Those who share a feminine perspective.
Those who like natural fabrics.
Those who are earth friendly and enjoy every chance to help the environment.
Is For those who believe in themselves.
Those who are aware of the world
For those who believe in everybody.
Those who believe in fair trade.
Those who have a good vibe and a good spirit.
Those who love to breathe a new life.

Those who believe in FREE LOVE."

[Photos: Aida Coronado]